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7 Days Work out Plan with D’Andre Stephens



My name is D’Andre Stephens I’m 24 years of age. I will share some work out tips on how I personally stay fit and attain a healthy lifestyle.

My tips will benefit you and may be incorporated into your work outs or eating habits.I stay healthy 7 days out the week by formulating with the meal plan for the week. I figure out the workout I plan on anticipate doing.

I first wake up early in the morning make a really healthy breakfast as a pre-workout meal. From there I take some fish oil vitamins. I then go to the gym and do cardio for the first half of my workout. It keeps the blood pumping and preparing for a rigorous workout I set for myself.

No matter Whatever muscle group I tend to focus in on that day. I strictly work with that for the remainder of my workout which  last two hours.

I follow up behind a post workout with protein drink to keep the constant flow of nutrients and protein.  Once I digest the protein I eat low fat yogurts with water and fruit. I recommend to any person who has the ability to workout and makes adjustments to your body. Follow that guideline apply to your everyday life and you will see results.

Thank you and let’s get fit!


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