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How to motivate yourself to be active after Injuries and pain


How to motivate yourself to be active after Injuries and pain

In high school, I wasn’t physically active. I remember being in the gym, forcing and trying to motivate myself to be more active. The motivation was just not there at the time. As I got older, I constantly worked harder to be physically active and motivated myself to be more proactive. It was hard for me to understand why the passion for being physically active was not there during my youth.

This article originally appeared in X25 Muscle/Fitness Magazine #6

Motivate Derrick Pinckney

I was raised by people that were physically active. My mother was a nurse in the military during the Vietnam War. She stressed the importance of healthy living and exercise. My uncle, Jackson “Rock” Pinckney, who was my biggest role model, was extremely physically active. He was a U.S. Army Veteran (Ret), medically retired law enforcement officer, fitness trainer and national bodybuilding champion, author, and actor. My uncle also won several bodybuilding competitions and held the title of Mr. Fayetteville through the National Physique Committee, and the NPC Middle and Light Heavy Division Championship.

I attribute my passion for physical fitness to him. Before his death, he was helping me reach and achieve my fitness goals. After my oldest daughter was born, I made the decision to join the United States Army. I worked in Combat Engineering (Demolition) and Field Artillery as a Fire Direction Chief. Being a soldier in the U.S. Army somewhat forced me to become more active because there really wasn’t anything else to keep me entertained. It also helped me cope with the stress of life.

In 2005, I became a little more serious about physical fitness and strength training. I started trying different strength and conditioning techniques to help improve my overall strength, power, and endurance. During this time, I was stationed in Iraq.
While completing an 18-month tour in Iraq. I was seriously injured during a suicide bomber attack.

The injuries I sustained left me physically and mentally scarred. I was diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI) and PTSD Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. It took me a while to heal but I eventually realized that I was responsible for my own well-being and happiness.

Physical fitness and strength training became my coping mechanism. This is what eventually led me to start my first Sport and Nutrition Online store called Genetic Push Supplements. My motivation for the online store diminished and I decided to close it after the first year.

In 2016, I reopened the company under a new name, Warrior Genetics Lab. I came back motivated, stronger, and more attentive. My dreams for this company was much bigger. I plan to work harder to make sure this company develops and grows to its fullest potential. I want this company to be a success. Currently, the company is flourishing. It has thirteen athletes represent my brand. We have started competing competitively in different states. My company also sponsors; Community Awareness and Youth Boxing.
Warrior Genetics Lab has given to numerous charities and so far has done one fund-raiser for Veterans. There are numerous fund-raisers in the works. One will be coming up this spring to support veterans in support of Mission 22 Fayetteville Hyperbaric Veteran Rehab.


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