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Welcome to X25 Fitness Magazine Frequently Asked Questions. Here some tips and help topics. This document is for X25 Fitness, X25 Fitness Community, and X25 Radio,.


Do you ship to all countries? We don’t ship orders to Cuba, Iran, and North Korea. We ship internationally to all other countries!

What if the recipient’s address was wrong? If the recipient’s address was wrong, then you are held responsible. Usually, the package is sent back to the return address. In the case that you’ve set the return address as your own, you can update the address and personally reship the order.

What forms of payment do you accept? We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard & American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

My card was declined but I still was charged. The charge is a pending transaction and will fall off within 2-3 business days. Your credit card company or bank will hold these funds for your own safety.

I can’t view my account or my cart.

Try enabling cookies and cache on your browser.


How do I order the print or digital Magazine? //

How do I buy advertising? //

Can I model for X25 Fitness Magazine? We feature Athletes, Bodybuilder and Fitness Model.

Do you feature plus size model? Yes, Fit plus size model and model losing weight.

Do you accept male submissions? Yes, Visit http//

How do I buy back issues? Check out

X25 Fit Vixens – Figure, Bikini, and Physique Competitors

How do I become an X25 Fitness Girls? Submit to //

Why should I join X25 Fit Vixens? We help you promote and expand your brand, Make profit from an online store with original products and more.

Are X25 Fit Vixens on Social Media? Yes, you can follow us at and


To access the social media section click the community menu.

  1. No Hate Speech
  2. Only post nude photos in the NSFW group
  3. Don’t scrap and copy this website, feel free to share the site.
  4. Don’t spam the community, feel free to share updates,
  5. Don’t upload illegal content including  (Software, Scripts, Pornography, etc.)
  6. Enjoy the site.

  • Post Updates, photos, links and videos to your wall.
  • Access your profile //
  • Upload your profile photo and cover image.
  • Click edit to add more info like Age, Gender, Location, etc

The latest notifications from X25 Fitness and your friends.

  • Read Email
  • Send Email to friends and X25 Fitness Members


  • View Friends Profile.
  • Block or delete friends.
  • Join Groups
  • Create and leave groups
  • Upload photos or albums.
  • Set your photos privacy level to (public, private, Friends, or Members only)
  • Click Browse and select your photo. After that name your photo and click upload.
  • View all of your photos click the “My pictures” tab.
  • Change your Email address or password.
  • Profile Visibility allows you to make your profile private.
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