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How to Prepare for your fitness competitor


Where are you from? I’m from Fort Worth, TX
How was life growing up in? I was eased in an inner city community so at times things could be rough to say the least but my upbringing and guidance in life were the best that anyone could ask for due to my Grandmother, mother and the father figures of my uncles to mold me to be the man I am today.
When did you start working out? I started my bodybuilding journey officially in 2013.
What sports did you play at a young age? I’ve played sports as a kid as a hobby but never with a school or professionally. I was a band head primarily so my focus was mostly on music.
Who influence you? Well in my case it’s not a matter of Who but What. The main influence for me to be involved in the world of fitness is overall health. My family has a history of heart disease and diabetes so I just wanted to break that chain and start a new path in my family.
When did you first start to show an interest in Bodybuilding? I’ve always been curious since I was a kid but what drove my interest to the point of me to take action is when I’ve join Metroflex gym (The Castle) in Fort Worth and saw the many fitness driven individuals in the gym and saw what it took to take your body to the next level. From that point, I was all in to be in bodybuilding.

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build the will to put your body and health to the next level. If you’re willing to try and give your absolute best that is who I enjoy training.
What have you accomplished so far? I’ve competed at Texas State, Phil Heath Expo, Ronnie Coleman placing top 5 in 2 out of 3 comps in Open Men’s Physique class.
What mistake have you made while bodybuilding? Sometimes while training for shows is not so much of the output I put in the gym but the input when I’m in the kitchen. Keeping up on which days of protein, carbs intake have been difficult in the past but over time I’ve got better in knowing my body responded to my diet.
How do you prepare for competition? Have the mindset to keep my body at least 6 weeks out of the comp. First thing changes are DIET. 0 sugar, low carb/high carb variation of diet (until 2 weeks out). Drop my weight training by 20% and increase rep range. Circuit training can consist of 3 to 5 sets of 15 to 20 reps per exercise. May warm up with compound movements (flat bench, squat, pull-ups e.t.c) but focus more on isolated movements (hammer strength, cable pulley e.t.c).

After that, do you feel prepared enough? I never feel like I prepared enough even on peak week (laughing) but I always get my body in position to where I can showcase my best package on stage.
What do you like about Bodybuilding? It is my mental and physical therapy. It has brought me new confidence in myself and gave me a better point of view of physical health.
What do you dislike about bodybuilding? It can be costly when preparing for shows. For an average for preparing for shows, you’ll spend hundreds if not thousand (pending what you’re doing) which includes fees, attire, food, transportation e.t.c.
What advice do you have for ladies/guys that want to become bodybuilder or fit? ENJOY THE JOURNEY! This is a self-rewarding sport. It’s not just about winning medals and trophies but how your journey could inspire others.
Name your greatest moment working out or during a competition? My greatest moment was my first show. I remember the anxiety I was having right before I got on stage. This was the first time doing anything of this magnitude but once I’ve got through it I remember how great it felt to put in the hard work and present it to the public and judges. That experience was the greatest feeling I’ve felt in my fitness journey

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