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Archery 101 with Paradise Rodriguez


Basic Archery Tips

1. Stance – The basic archery stance is performed by placing one foot on each side of the shooting line.

If you are shooting a right-hand bow, your left foot will be forward of the shooting line (on the “down range” side or the target side of the shooting line) and left-handed archers will place the right foot forward the shooting line.

Space your feet so they are approximately shoulder width apart. Lower your chest and ribs downward toward your stomach. Push your shoulders downward.


2. Nocking the arrow- Nocking the arrow is the process of holding the arrow so you can snap the nock onto the bowstring. Hold the arrow shaft close to the nock behind the fletching. Place the arrow shaft on the arrow rest. On a Recurve Bow (like mine) – the index vane should be pointing away from the riser.

In other words, rotate the shaft until the index vane is between your body and the riser. When the index vane is properly aligned or orientated, SNAP the nock of the arrow onto the bowstring under the nock locator or nock-set (Recurve Bow) or between the nock locators if you use two nock sets.

3. Set your bow hand on the grip so that the grip is placed on the meaty part of the hand just below the thumb. The grip should be located in the web of the hand between the thumb and index finger.

Relax the remaining fingers and gently fold them. The index finger can wrap toward the front of the bow but still, it must be relaxed. When the bow is raised, the knuckles on the arrow side of the bow should create an approximate 45-degree angle.

The bow hand must stay in place through the entire shot process and remain relaxed even after the bowstring is released.

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