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Duskspot A Better Social Network for Entertainers


The Spot, DuskSpot

Some say MySpace is dead now, but for a while, it was a flourishing social network before Twitter and Facebook. The Dusk Spot works in that same fashion, except it’s doing so for the modeling industry, along with the rest of the entertainment world.

The Dusk Spot which can be found at DuskSpot.com was founded by Cedric “Ceddy J” Collier, who simply wanted to create the social network, that focused more on networking. The site was in its beta stage for a while and had the lame name “DuskOwls”, playing off the term “night owls”. It soon evolved into “The Dusk Spot”, when someone approached Ceddy saying, “this is the spot to be at man”. From there here ran with it, and kept the “Dusk” in the name, which has a deeper meaning than most realized. Dusk, which in the dictionary means “the state or period of partial darkness”, became a play on words in Ceddy J’s mind with dark referring to upcoming models, artists, and other entities of the entertainment industry.

So after combing both concepts to form “The Dusk Spot”, it simply became to be the place where those in their “state of partial darkness” were elevating towards the top in their crafts, gaining their rightful limelight. Many members who played a part of the foundation of the site who are still active today are people like Boston female artist, Red Shaydez and Toledo computer whiz, Ms. Computer Lady. After 2 years The Dusk Spot now has over 500 members, in which to some might be small, but when you can tell people that most of that number are active regularly then that’s a different story.

After all, Ceddy J didn’t build the site for members to be just another number like some of its independent counterparts, but to actually encourage people not only feel comfortable in promoting their work but feel like the site was a family of people who actually interacted with each other professionally.

Now again some say why the moniker, “The BlackPlanet of Modeling”? That came from the mind of photographer Renaldo Dee, who said the site reminded him of the modern day BlackPlanet because you get to network with people freely without any limits.

Here are critiques people have shared about The Dusk Spot so far:

  • “Duskspot is a network where you are free to network with people without limits like Twitter, Facebook. Duskspot reminds me of a modern day BlackPlanet.” – BX25 Interactive
  • “I love DuskSpot.com simply because its a fun site to help you build yourself up by getting involved in the modeling or video industry. I also would like to thank the owner for coming up with the idea, because it’s truly a way to connect with people.” – Brykesha aka Kebabi
  • “It provides me with more of an opportunity to be heard and seen by amazing inspirational people.” – Taryn Lyymon
  • “It promotes me and other artists in a positive light.” – Trish “Knockout” Jefferies

-“The founder is great, and his vision for the site is stellar. Doesn’t seem like Facebook, which is exploitative and creepy at times.” – ChangeInAdvance.com

  • “Its an excellent network that brings opportunity to upcoming artists and models to promote their work, focusing on the growth of their careers. I support new talents and enjoy helping see their growth. To top it off I love the fact that I can actually chat with the founder, which you can’t get that in any other website. Keep up the good work.” – Tee Shybby, Shybby Promotion.
  • “Its a great way to communicate and everyone is so supportive.” – DJ Keysha, Red Money Radio
  • “The site is very helpful towards all artists/models in their career. The promotion is great and it’s very easy to work with.” – Nana GuttaChic, Gorilla Game Records
  • “The site is a great networking forum for models, artists, and anyone who is trying to succeed in the entertainment industry. We can learn and grow from each other’s struggles or accomplishments, which means we share one common goal.” – K Renee
  • “It’s a place where you’ll find people chasing their dream.” – Shemaiah Reed, DopeFreshPromo, LLC.
  • “It provides an avenue for artists I work with to network. The personal experience and network info that Ceddy J gives the artists is what’s needed. It’s nice to not be just a number.” – Lala Madness, That’s Madness Radio
  • “It allows artists, writers, promoters, etc. to get their name out along with useful infomation.” – LilNimo
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