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Interview with Joinflex.tv Founder Elliott Perry


Joinflex.tv The best online class

Please describe joinflex.tv? Joinflex.tv is an online platform that allows people to participate in live video fitness classes with their friends and favorite instructors from the comfort of their home. Using a combination of live video and social
features, Flex aims to revolutionize the home workout experience by making it more social and immersive – making it more enjoyable and easier to stick to health & fitness goals as a result.

Where are you from? I’m originally from Newcastle, UK and my co-founder Matt is from London, UK. Flex is currently headquartered in the center+ of London, UK and we live right next door to one another here in the capital.

Joinflex.tv Online Fitness Video Class

How is life in? London can be a double-edged sword for entrepreneurs. Although the city has one of the most vibrant technologies startup scenes in Europe, the cost of living is incredibly expensive. I have to fork out more than I’d like just to keep my gym subscription!

What type of music do you like? I think being a millennial, the first generation to grow up with the internet and the world of music at the push of a button, has led to much more varied music tastes than perhaps generations that have come
before. I like a little bit of everything but I’m also a hobbyist DJ so electronic music is definitely my focus. Drum & bass gets the blood pumping when I’m on the treadmill!

Are you into video games? I grew up with the classics but between running a company and keeping on top of my health & fitness there isn’t much time for gaming these days!

Are you playing Pokemon Go? I downloaded it, had to give it a whirl right? Who didn’t dream of being a Pokemon trainer back in the day? When they introduce the ability to battle people maybe I’ll give it a closer look.

What is your favorite Pokemon? Geodude all the way. It’s a boulder with arms, what more do you want? It literally has ‘dude’ in the name.

Will you watch the Summer O******** in R**? We’ll certainly catch some of it. If we’re a finalist in an upcoming pitching competition we’ll be pitching there too!

How did you become an entrepreneur? It’s difficult to pinpoint the moment you become an ‘entrepreneur’ to reflect back on how it happened. I was a little older than everyone I hung out with as a kid and I think that really pushed me into a leadership role from a young age. I saw what other people were accomplishing around the world and thought “If they can do it, I can do it” and felt there was a real opportunity cost by not acting on those feelings.

What motivated you to create JoinFlex.tv? When I was strapped for cash or on the road I spent a lot of time working out to DVDs and videos online. Even if the videos had amazing, engaging trainers and high production value they were nowhere
near as effective as turning up to actual classes at fitness facilities to help me stick to my goals.

Working out at home to a video was such a solitary activity and having nobody else involved made the whole experience less enjoyable and did nothing for my motivation. I & Matt thought, with all this wonderful technology in the world,
surely we can improve this experience, so we set about creating Flex.

What makes JoinFlex.tv different from another fitness website? Live content. The video-on-demand (VoD) space is very competitive at this point with thousands of websites and apps providing bundled workouts of pre-recorded content.

These workouts are all well and good but if there’s anything the internet gave us in abundance it was information. Anybody can spend 10 minutes online and have lists of effective workouts advised by top trainers. What people really need is the motivation to do them. Technology that makes them act on that information.

There’s a wealth of apps and services doing fantastic work in this area with social aspects of their offering, tracking, leaderboards, and gamification. We just want to tie all of that together with the immersiveness of live video.

What do you hope to achieve with JoinFlex.tv? Everyone knows television is in decline and media networks that leverage the internet (e.g. Netflix) are the future. We hope to be the largest live fitness classes media network, powered by the internet, compatible across all devices at all times – smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, smart TVs, Apple TV, Chrome cast, you name it.

Once virtual reality and augmented reality technologies see mass adoption we plan to leverage our network to take immediate advantage of them. Imagine having Beyonce beamed directly into your front room and being able to look around her 360 degrees in 3D to learn one of her dances move for move.

What challenge have you faced working on Joinflex.tv? It’s only natural that as a new, young company we have to prove ourselves in the market. Attracting the top talent can be difficult when you’re starting out.

What’s your most memorable experience so far? When the fabulous Naomi Di Fabio delivered a session to hundreds of people tuning in, working out and leaving amazing comments in the chat box. That was the moment we knew we were onto something

What do you consider to be successful as an entrepreneur? I consider success to be building a product that genuinely has a positive impact on people’s lives. A strong focus on health & fitness tells you a lot about a person – the competition isn’t everyone else, it’s ourselves. We want to be the best version of ourselves that we can be to reach and help as many people as possible.

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