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In order for to stay fit, I always get enough sleep. Sleep is very important to the human body. Sleep doesn’t only give you the necessary energy to work out on a daily and/or weekly basis but it also repairs your muscles. Always try to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep a day.
I do not diet. I eat what I want but I know a number of calories I consume and lose more calories than what I intake in a single day. I consume a lot of fruit and vegetables and I get most of my proteins from beans and nuts. Yes, I do eat meat but I stay away from consuming too many fatty foods.
To stay fit you need to have a routine and don’t stop the routine when you feel like giving up strive to do your best. If you can only do ten push-ups today strive to be able to do 15/day by next week. So my advice to stay fit is eat healthy, and healthy doesn’t always necessarily mean diet, get your rest, start a routine, and hang out with others who are trying to reach the same fitness wellness goals as you, it will encourage you to do better!

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